Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tomatoes on Toast...

So you might wonder where the whole "Tomatoes on Toast" thing came from. Be patient. I will tell you in just a second. :)
First of all, I'd like to explain my actions for creating this blog. Some people might think it's just plain stupid to make a blog just to write down some stupid thoughts I'm having. Think what you may, but I am totally excited. It will give me a chance to just get my thoughts out there...some random and some not so random. It will give me a place to share things that make me happy, sad, laugh, cry, etc. You get the point. It will give me a blank slate to get that randomness that is hiding inside of me out into the world. And who knows...maybe we have some of the same thoughts!
  With this blog...I plan to share with you DAILY a picture, a funny movie, something that inspires me, something I'm thankful for, or just a dang random thought going on in my brain that hopefully will brighten your day or at least make you smile.  So with that...I hope you'll enjoy. Or you can think I'm weird. That's fine too.

So...Tomatoes on Toast. I was trying to think of a name for this blog and then I realized the first thought that inspired me to even make this blog. It was a few months ago in the summertime when I was eating a "cheeser". If you don't know what that is, click here and try one. (and while you're at it..follow this woman's blog. She was my YW leader growing up and has some of THEE best recipes in all the world. LOVE HER.)  After devouring a couple of these beauties, the thought came to me, "Whoever thought of putting a tomato on a piece of bread is a genius!" ...And for some reason I felt like I should share that with the world! (I must be crazy)  It's not exactly a tomato on toast but it was catchy title. There is your history lesson on how this blog was born. Peace out until tomorrow.
P.S. This blog will be under construction for a few days. I was gonna do some renovating but I'm just too tired. Later.

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  1. VERY interesting Nat !!! I can't wait to read what you have on your mind. I love the name too. Thanks for giving me a reason to smile everyday. I love you !